Fishman® Corporation Liquid Dispensing Culture


A Culture of Accountability

At Fishman® we strive for a culture of accountability… being there for our peers, our community and most importantly, our customer. We understand that this belief must start at the top, be embraced internally and sought after externally to deliver fluid dispensing products you need, on time.

Our business leaders wholeheartedly understand the importance of accountability and service. We must be accountable and serve each other first if we are expected to provide the exceptional service you deserve. Each department must understand its interdependence upon the other, provide clear communication and, most importantly, deliver commitments on time, no matter what. We take pride in the efforts of our work.

We understand what it means to stand behind our fluid dispensing products. Our promise is that we will deliver fluid dispensing products that perform as expected. However, if a problem should arise, we own up to our responsibilities and resolve problems quickly and professionally. Accountability from one individual to the next develops a team. A well synchronized team achieves success. Success allows us to give back to those who brought us here and to our surrounding community.

The result is a relationship with our customers that is based on performance, professionalism and most importantly, trust. We provide world class fluid dispensing products on time and we listen to better understand your needs for the future of fluid dispensing. In the end you will be able to count on Fishman® being there, no matter what. The SmartDispenser® is the fluid dispenser for today’s manufacturing.