Fishman Corporation Enters the Small Diameter Stainless Steel Tubing Market

Fishman Corporation (, known for revolutionizing fluid dispensing with its SmartDispenser®, has entered the small diameter steel tubing market to offer an additional line of products to its customers. “Our SmartDispenser® fluid dispensing system is used by companies across numerous industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Fiber...

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Fishman Corporation Launches the SmartDispenser® Two Component Fluid Dispenser

Fishman Corporation revolutionized fluid dispensing with its SmartDispenser®, a fluid dispensing system that uses AirFree® Linear Drive dispense technology to achieve the highest repeatability when dispensing assembly fluids. The SmartDispenser® Two Component Fluid Dispenser is now available for use with any 50ml or 75ml two component cartridge...

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Fishman Corporation Named Acquisition International 2015 Business Excellence Award Winner

Fishman Corporation, a leading innovator of high quality, reliable dispense systems for the application of assembly fluids for more than 50 years, has been selected by Acquisition International (AI) as a 2015 Business Excellence Award Winner. Fishman Corporation has received the Engineering Excellence Award for Outstanding Product for its SmartDispenser® fluid dispensing system. “We are...

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Fishman Corporation Named 2014 Alcon Supplier of Excellence

Fishman Corporation, a producer of high quality, reliable dispense systems for the application of assembly fluids, has been honored by Alcon with its prestigious 2014 Supplier of Excellence Award. Alcon is the global leader in eye care, and is the second largest division of Novartis. “We are honored to have been recognized for our service and selected by Alcon as a 2014 Supplier of Excellence. Alcon works with...

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Frost and Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Product Award Presented to Fishman Corporation

Fishman Corporation, a manufacturer of AirFree® fluid dispensing equipment was recently named a winner of the 2014 Manufacturing Leadership Award in the Outstanding Product category for its SmartDispenser®. The SmartDispenser® is used for the assembly of medical devices, fiber optics, automotive parts, PCBs, electronics, and many other products. In...

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The Evolution of Dispensing

El Presidente is going to tell you a story.... No, it's not about a man named Jed, poor mountaineer who barely kept his family fed. No, it's not the tale of a fateful trip that started from a tropic port.






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Dizzy from the spin!

Dispensing Solutions for the 21st Century:

A member of the "That 70's Show" community recently made an attempt, via the Assembly Magazine Enews, to ramp up the spin cycle to high.  Why is the core technology of their product 1970's technology?  Some would say they got too fat and happy dominating air dispensing for 30 years and turned a deaf ear to what their customers were saying about the performance of their product.

For those of you...

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New SmartDispenser® Accessory Kit Video

View the latest Fishman® Corporation SmartDispener® product release video featuring the SmartDispenser® Accessory Kit.   El Presidente Out~

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Weathering the Storm

Storms have been increasing in intensity over the last few decades and this new weather reality has profound implications for businesses today. The last few years has very effectively proven this point: Hurricane Katrina alone caused an estimated $100 to $200 billion dollars in damages depending on who issued the report and the parameters used in the calculations. A more recent weather related crisis is the recent flooding in Thailand. This flooding has caused a global hard drive shortage that is...

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