SmartDispenser® Gun Tray

The SmartDispenser® Gun Tray is a storage device for pre-loaded LDS dispense guns in an automated production cell. Made from fabricated aluminum, the liquid dispense gun tray features two soft touch hand grips and a USB storage slot to allow easy transport of four dispense guns and the USB memory stick from the SmartDispenser® Priming Station to the automated production cell.

As the offline LDS Dispense Guns complete the dispense tip priming process the gun is secured into a Push-To-Connect™ Gun Mount in the SmartDispenser® Gun Tray. Post transport, when the syringe reservoir in the automated production cell is empty the operator simply pulls each empty LDS Dispenser Gun out and replaces it with a replenished LDS Dispense Gun by pushing the Push-To-Connect Gun Mount into the locked position.
By pre-loading LDS Dispense Guns off line while active LDS Dispense Guns run production in the automated cell it allows the operator to change the entire LDS Dispense Gun, as opposed to changing the empty syringe reservoir, reducing the syringe reservoir refill time to seconds. Watch video to learn more.

Gun Tray Data Sheet