Total Process Control

SmartDispenser® is designed to communicate with an AND Analytical Weighing Sensor.

The weighing sensor may be used during production or setup as a calibration station.

About the Author

Fishman® Corporation

Headquartered in Hopkinton, Mass., Fishman® Corporation is a global provider of innovative, precision fluid dispensing systems for providing controlled amounts of assembly fluid to a variety of critical applications in industries including electronics, medical device, automotive, telecommunications, defense and general manufacturing. For more than 50 years, Fishman® Corporation’s innovative products, ability to listen and its first-class service have resulted in customer relationships based on trust and real solutions. Fishman® revolutionized the fluid dispensing industry with the introduction of its patented AirFree™ dispensing technology in 1996. To profit in the global marketplace, thousands of manufacturers have switched to AirFree™ technology to achieve the highest level of process efficiency and a maximum return on investment.

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