Pre-Mixed Timer SmartApp

Customize Your SmartDispenser® Solution

The Pre-mixed Timer SmartApp should be used when pre-mixing or dispensing, or pre-mixing, freezing and dispensing epoxy or similar fluids from a single-component syringe reservoir. The app allows a time to be set in seconds, minutes and hours on each SmartDispenser®. The time set should be just short of the recommended work life of the mixed epoxy. The timer ­auto­matically activates when the SmartDispenser® delivers the first fluid deposit. When time expires a pop-up message appears on the SmartDispenser® screen, locking the system. The message is cleared by removing the syringe and retracting the lead screw of the dispenser gun. The Pre-mixed Timer SmartApp prevents operators from dispensing beyond the recommended work life of the mixed fluid.



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Pre-Mixed Timer