Two Component Cartridge Timer SmartApp

Customize Your SmartDispenser® Solution

The Two Component Cartridge Timer SmartApp should be used when using a side-by-side 1:1 or 2:1 ratio cartridge, a static mixer and Fishman’s Two Component SmartDispenser®. The app allows a time to be set in seconds, minutes or hours on each Two Component SmartDispenser®. The time set should be just short of the work life of the static mixer when filled with curing epoxy. The timer automatically activates when the Two Component SmartDispenser® delivers the first fluid deposit. The timer automatically resets when the operator pulls the trigger on the two component dispense gun for the next fluid deposit. When time expires a pop-up message appears on the SmartDispenser® screen advising the operator to change the static mixer. The software will default to MANUAL/EXTEND to allow the operator to prime the new static mixer. The main function of the app is to protect the two component dispense gun from a production break. When a production break occurs the static mixer hardens. When the operator returns, if time was exceeded, the SmartDispenser® will be locked, preventing activation with a cured static mixer.



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Two Component Cartridge Timer