Linear Drive Fluid Dispense System

Patented AirFree® Linear Drive System

Construction: A precision stepper motor housed in a precision molded electronic enclosure.  A stainless steel plate with stainless steel interlocking tabs connect the syringe retaining ring to the gun housing.  A precision machined lead screw runs through the motor and connects to the syringe piston via a luer lock thread.  A nut located in the center of the motor spins in response to charged magnetic poles holding the screw still, thus moving in a linear motion.  A clam shell piston stabilizer clamps around the luer lock thread, nestling into and around the piston and preventing it from cocking left or right while under pressure.  This positive lock connection assures no flexing occurs under pressure.  Flexing leads to pressure loss and pressure loss destroys repeatability between one fluid deposit to the next.

Replicate the liquid dispense process from one SmartDispenser® to another SmartDispenser®

Operation: The LDS drive system, driven electrically, ramps to full speed protecting fluid formulations and their bonding properties.  An intuitive, volume-based menu system controls the firmware driving the Linear Drive System .  A universal power supply converts 110v or 220v into the needed current automatically.  Combine the stable voltage menu system with the Linear Drive System and one dispense program will perform exactly the same on a second SmartDispenser®.   Depending on the fluids formulation and syringe filling process dispense repeatability between +/-5% and +/-2% is possible.