Liquid Dispensing Operating Modes

Two operating modes combining flexibility with stability.

The Linear Drive System, stepper motor and lead screw, guarantee the stroke length, forward and reverse motion, is exactly the same for every dispense until the syringe is empty. Stability of the drive system is the most important factor to repeatable fluid dispensing. Watch video to learn more

Traditional LDS9000® Operating Mode maintains forward and reverse motion constantthroughout the entire syringe reservoir. The result is the dot volume will slightly decrease asthe syringe empties producing up to +/–5%* repeatability from one dispense to the next.

LDS9000 operating mode

ProcessControl2® Operating Mode maintains forward motion while reducing reverse motionas the syringe reservoir empties. An advanced algorithm calculates how much reverse motion isreduced with each forward step. The result is the dot volume will stay constant as the syringeempties producing dispense repeatability up to +/–2%* from one dispense to the next.

ProcessControl mode

Traditional vs PC2
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One Program Worldwide
Each SmartDispenser® performs exactly the same from one system to the next, from one production facility to the next, from one country to the next with no adjustments. The patented design has proven to be the most stable drive system for dispensing assembly fluids for the past 12 years. *Final dispense repeatability is fluid and application dependent.