Operating Modes

Operating Modes Enhance SmartDispenser®
Fluid Dispensing Performance and Ease of Use.




Traditional Mode

The Linear Drive System guarantees the stroke length, (forward and reverse motion) is exact for every dispense until the syringe is empty. Stability of the drive system is the most important factor to repeatable fluid dispensing. The result is the dot or bead volume will remain up to +/-5% as the syringe reservoir empties.

ProcessControl2® Mode

ProcessControl2® Mode maintains forward motion while reducing reverse motion as the syringe reservoir empties. An advanced algorithm calculates how much reverse motion is reduced with each forward step. The result is the dot volume will stay constant as the syringe empties producing dispense repeatability up to +/-2% from one dispense to the next.


Traditional vs. ProcessControl2® Data Sheet
Back-Off Ratio Mode and Back-Off Delay Data Sheet

Back-off Ratio Mode

The relationship between dispense volume and back-off remains constant when dispense volume is changed. The result: changing the dispense volume automatically adjusts back-off accordingly.

How it works: When you activate Back-off Ratio Mode, the firmware determines the ratio, or percentage, between forward steps (dispense volume) and reverse steps (back-off).  When forward steps in your fluid dispense program are changed, the reverse steps will automatically adjust to the forward steps, keeping the initial percentage ratio constant.

How to activate: Set your program, activate the back-off ratio, save your program and dispense.

Back-off Delay Mode

Back-off Delay Mode is designed for RTV silicone. RTV silicone entraps large amounts of air pockets, making the fluid very compressible. Centrifuging or degassing the silicone will not improve this condition. The result of the entrapped air is fluid compressibility, requiring a drive system stroke that exceeds the SmartDispensers capability. The problem appears as excessive post-dispense fluid ooze.

By activating Back-off Delay Mode, the additional time between forward and reverse motion drastically reduces the Linear Drive stroke eliminating post-dispense fluid ooze.

How it works: The firmware applies a delay (in seconds) between forward motion (fluid volume) and reverse motion (back off). The delay allows syringe pressure to drop enough, reducing stoke. The reduced stroke allows for a full back-off cycle to complete, thus eliminating post-dispense ooze.

How to activate: Set your program, activate the back off ratio, save your program and dispense.