SmartDispenser® CA Automation
Integration Kit (SDIK)

SmartDispenser® CA Automation Integration Kit (SDIK™)

AirFree® Technology & Cyanoacrylate Dispensing

Traditional air pressure systems inject moisture filled air into the syringe reservoir activating the cyanoacrylate (CA) cure cycle. AirFree® technology eliminates moisture filled air from the cyanoacrylate dispensing process protecting the CA formulation. As a secondary safeguard Genius® CA components are made from proprietary plastics that inhibit CA bonding between components.

The fully-automated CA SDIK is most typically used in facilities that are set up with “production cells”. Any number of dispensing units may be used in tandem during the rapid production of parts. The SDIK easily integrates with both a PLC and robotics. As the cyanoacrylate dispense signals are sent from another source, there is no need for a touch screen, mouse, or keyboard. The facility may attach and utilize a DVI computer monitor, conceivably using a KVM switch to check and view all of the units at critical points.

The fully-automated CA SDIK is configured exactly the same as the benchtop unit, with all the same software and add-ons provided. The primary difference is the elimination of the touchscreen monitor, 2 of the 4 USB hubs and the foot pedal input. Essentially, the SDIK has been stripped of anything that is unnecessary in a pure production environment, reduced in size (for easy installation on a 19 inch DIN rail), and lower in cost.

AirFree® Technology & Cyanoacrylate Dispensing Automation

AirFree® technology acts as an additional axis when mounted on a benchtop automation system. The precise control engineered into the X, Y and Z axis is now applied to the fluid delivery axis. All axes are motor driven lead screws with known speeds and can be coordinated providing the highest precision and repeatability available on a desktop robot.


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Syringe Size3cc5cc10cc30cc
Large Dot
Min. Vol. (cc)
Min. Rate
Max Rate
Medium Dot
Min. Vol. (cc):
Min. Rate:
Max Rate:
Small Dot
Min. Vol. (cc):
Min. Rate:
Max Rate:
Super Small Dot
Min. Vol. (cc):
Min. Rate:
Max Rate:
 Viscosity800,000+ cps
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