General Fluids Benchtop Automation

SmartDispenser® Benchtop Automation

AirFree® Technology & Automation

AirFree® technology acts as and additional axis when mounted on a benchtop automation system. The precise control engineered into the X, Y and Z axis is now applied to the fluid delivery axis. All axes are motor- driven lead screws with known speeds, and can be coordinated, providing the highest precision and repeatability available on a desktop robot.

Offline Gun Reload Station – General Fluids

The Offline Gun Reload Station (OLGRS) allows the AirFree® Linear Drive System (LDS) Dispense Guns to be loaded while the automation cell is producing parts.

The benefit of the OLGRS AirFree® System is it reduces production downtime due to empty syringe changeover from minutes to seconds. This innovation allows syringe based systems to replace all types of air-driven dispense valves – fed by air pressure tanks – without impacting production throughput. In fact, the result is often higher production yields by eliminating production downtime caused by air-driven dispense valves problems: daily dispense program adjustments, clogging, cleaning and rebuilding worn parts. It also eliminates employees’ exposure to harmful cleaning agents such as MEK or Acetone… The SmartDispenser® system, featuring the LDS Dispense Guns, also delivers fluid deposits with a much higher repeatability from one fluid deposit to the next. A single OLGARS AirFree® system can service multiple automation cells. Watch this short seven minute video for a full explanation.


Product Data Sheets

Syringe Size3cc5cc10cc30cc
Large Dot
Min. Vol. (cc)
Min. Rate
Max Rate
Medium Dot
Min. Vol. (cc):
Min. Rate:
Max Rate:
Small Dot
Min. Vol. (cc):
Min. Rate:
Max Rate:
Super Small Dot
Min. Vol. (cc):
Min. Rate:
Max Rate:
AirFree® Technology
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