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SmartDispenser® Benchtop Automation

AirFree® Technology & Fluid Dispensing Automation

The Benchtop Automation system is a hybrid system that combines a standard benchtop SmartDispenser® with a Push-To-Connect gun and accessories typically included with an SDIK Automated kit. It is ideal for customers who wish to integrate the control unit with robotics but need full, real-time control. The Benchtop Automation system can be used as a stand-alone or with multiple work stations, producing low to moderate volumes. As an integral component in an R & D setting testing and experimentation can be easily performed with a robot to create programs before introducing them into full-scale production.

AirFree® technology acts as an additional axis when mounted on a benchtop automation system. The precise control engineered into the X, Y and Z axis is now applied to the fluid delivery axis. All axes are motor-driven lead screws with known speeds and can be coordinated, providing the highest precision and repeatability available on a desktop robot.

Fluid Dispensing Process Control

  • ProcessControl2® quantifies Fluid Dispense Program.
  • AirFree® Linear Drive System replaces air pressure, improving fluid deposit repeatability 6-10 times.
  • ProcessControl auto adjust program provides the highest fluid deposit repeatability.
  • SmartDispenser® Control Center assures the exact amount of voltage is supplied to the Linear Drive System, assuring identical performance from each SmartDispenser®.

Syringe Size3cc5cc10cc30cc
Large Dot
Min. Vol. (cc)
Min. Rate
Max Rate
Medium Dot
Min. Vol. (cc):
Min. Rate:
Max Rate:
Small Dot
Min. Vol. (cc):
Min. Rate:
Max Rate:
Super Small Dot
Min. Vol. (cc):
Min. Rate:
Max Rate:
AirFree® Technology
Improves Janome Robots