Desktop Control of your SmartDispenser® Fluid Dispensers With LogMeIn®

Instant Real Time Fluid Dispense Monitoring     and Program Changes from your Desktop, Smartphone or Tablet.



  • Need to make a programming change to one or all of your SmartDispensers?
  • Need to gain access to yesterday’s production yields?
  • Need to make an administrative change to the SmartDispenser® settings?
  • Need to download software apps customizing your SmartDispenser® to your application needs?
  • Need to verify the proper program settings that were used on yesterday’s production?

Access all of your installed SmartDispensers from your desktop, tablet or smartphone from your office, home office or any other location worldwide. Logging onto your SmartDispenser® fluid dispensing system is identical to logging onto your work computer from home.

Networking reduces the time needed to assist operators with problems. It provides production data and device history records needed for equipment validation for cost accounting. It provides global control of all SmartDispensers producing a single product.


The SmartDispenser’s operating system is Windows® 7 Ultimate. In effect it is a laptop or tablet computer. When connecting via the internet it uses all the same security protocols and protections your company uses for external connection of laptops and tablets. It is as safe and secure as any pc on the network.

The only difference between networking with LogMeIn® and the internal server is LogMeIn® is a cloud based product that connects via your companies internet portal (Port 80).

Desktop Control Data Sheet