SmartDispenser® Technical Support via Skype

Solve Production Issues in Record Time.
Keep Production Lines Running.



Every SmartDispenser® fluid dispensing system comes with a webcam and Skype. Simply pair your
Bluetooth® headset and you are ready to connect with another Skype user.

Operators using Skype can diagnosis and solve operating issues in record time.
Simply connect with the production manager, anywhere in the facility or the world, to start a video feed and show them the issue while the operator explains in real time.

Factory support has never been faster. Fishman® has technical sales people standing by to assist. Simply push the “Tech Support” icon on the home screen. The SmartDispenser® automatically sends an email request for technical support to Fishman®. When the support technician calls, initiate a Skype session with voice and video feed. Technical support has never been faster!

Skype Data Sheet