SmartDispenser® CA Benchtop

AirFree® Technology & Cyanoacrylate Dispensing

Traditional air pressure systems inject moisture filled air into the syringe reservoir, activating the cyanoacrylate (CA) cure cycle. AirFree® technology eliminates moisture-filled air from the cyanoacrylate dispensing process protecting the CA formulation. As a secondary safeguard, Genius® CA components are made from proprietary plastics that inhibit CA bonding between components.

Global Standardization

Manufacturers may establish one dispense program globally with no change to fluid deposits. Every SmartDispenser® system performs identical to the next regardless of location.

Software Imaging

The SmartDispenser® can come pre-programmed from the factory so the systems are ready to go right out of the box providing the lowest deployment cost of any fluid dispensing system. Simply plug the system in, attach a syringe and start manufacturing.


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