Dispense Gun Stand

Store the Dispense Gun, Reduce System Foot Print
SmartDispenser® Liquid Dispensing Dispense Gun Stand is a multi use product. The aluminum base provides four powerful suction cups that anchor the SmartDispenser® to the work bench preventing an unforeseen crash to the floor.  The aluminum frame encases the SmartDispenser® providing a solid layer of protection from colliding with other heavy production tools on the workbench and reducing impact damage should the entire workbench overturn. A sturdy dispense gun stand attaches to the aluminum base providing the operator a convenient resting place for the SmartDispenser® dispense gun while not in use. The stand is on an industrial flex arm allowing it to be
positioned in multiple locations for operator convenience.  Installing a Dispense Gun Stand is an excellent way to protect your SmartDispenser® investment. Watch video to learn more.

SD Gun Stand
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