Two Part Epoxy
Syringe Filling System

Simplifies the Syringe Filling Process




Purchase the epoxy in a 200ml, 400ml or 600ml (1:1, 2:1 or 10:1 ratio) side-by-side cartridge system and use the Fishman® Two Part Epoxy Syringe Filling Station. Simply insert the side-by-side cartridge into the syringe filling machine, attach a spiral mixer and a 90 degree elbow. Purchase the Genius® AirFree® syringes with the piston pre-plunged so all the operator has to do is attach the syringe and press the foot pedal to fill the syringe.

The Two Part Epoxy Syringe Filling Station will reduce fluid costs while the filling system will provide an easy to use, clean efficient filling system.




Two Component Epoxy Syringe Filling System