SmartDispenser® HT Fiber Optic Benchtop

AirFree® Technology & Fiber Optics Dispensing

The SmartDispenser® SSDAV-HT-FO Benchtop System is ideal for dispensing epoxies for bonding glass fiber to ceramic ferrules. The ProcessControl program manages two part epoxies, such as 353ND, and other fiber optic assembly fluids, so each ferrule is filled without overflow or air gaps.

Traditional air pressure systems lack the repeatability from one fluid deposit to the next needed for fiber optic connector assembly. AirFree® technology stabilizes the fluid dispensing process providing the highest repeatability when compared to any fluid dispenser.

Global Standardization

Manufacturers may establish one dispense program globally with no change to fluid deposits. Every SmartDispenser® system performs identical to the next regardless of location.

Software Imaging

The SmartDispenser® can come pre-programmed from the factory, so the systems are ready to go right out of the box, providing the lowest deployment cost of any fluid dispensing system. Simply plug the system in, attach a syringe and start manufacturing.

HiFlow Dispense Tips

HiFlow Dispense tips are made from 19G (.042” O.D.) and 20G (.035”  O.D.), which fit perfectly into the fiber optic ferrule’s port. The inner diameter of both tips are 15% larger allowing for a higher flow rate of fluid which eases the ferrule filling process.

Gun SizeSyringe Size3cc5cc10cc30cc
Super Small Dot
Any Viscosity
6 oz
(170.1 g)
Min. Vol. (cc)
Any Viscosity
Pencil Gun FO
Any Viscosity
5.2 oz
(148 g)
Min. Vol. (cc)
Any Viscosity