SmartDispenser® Fiber Optic
Benchtop Automation System

SmartDispenser® Fiber Optic Benchtop Automation System


AirFree® Technology & Fiber Optics Dispensing Automation

The Fiber Optic Benchtop Automation system is a hybrid system that combines a standard benchtop SmartDispenser® with a Push-To-Connect gun and accessories typically included with an SDIK Automated kit. It is ideal for customers who wish to integrate the control unit with robotics but need full, real-time control. The Benchtop Automation system can be used as a stand-alone or with multiple work stations, producing low to moderate volumes. As an integral component in an R & D setting testing and experimentation with your chosen fiber optic fluid can be easily performed with a robot to create programs before introducing them into full-scale production.

AirFree® technology acts as an additional axis when mounted on a benchtop automation system. The precise control engineered into the X, Y and Z axis is now applied to the fluid delivery axis. All axes are motor driven lead screws with known speeds and can be coordinated providing the highest precision and repeatability available on a desktop robot.

AirFree® Technology & Fiber Optics Connectors & Automation

The combination of Fishman’s AirFree® Technology and Janome’s desktop robot motion control provides an automation solution for manufacturing of fiber optic connectors such as the LC style connector. The Linear Drive System brings the fluid deposit repeatability and fluid dispense volume to the level needed to automate. The precision motion control of the desktop robot and a precision mounting jig brings the positioning system to the level needed to automate. Together the SmartDispenser® Fiber Optic Benchtop Automation System increases production throughput while reducing manufacturing costs adding to the bottom line.

Fluid Dispensing Process Control

  • Quantifies Fluid Dispense Program
  • AirFree® Linear Drive System replaces air pressure improving fluid deposit repeatability 6-10 times.
  • ProcessControl auto adjust program provides the highest fluid deposit repeatability.
  • SmartDispenser® Control Center assures the exact amount of voltage is supplied to the Linear Drive System assuring identical performance from each SmartDispenser®.

Software Imaging

The SmartDispenser® can come pre-programmed from the factory so the systems are ready to go right out of the box providing the lowest deployment cost of any fluid dispensing system. Simply plug the system in, attach a syringe and start manufacturing.

Syringe Size3cc5cc10cc30cc
Super Small Dot
Min. Vol. (cc)
Min. Rate
Max Rate
AirFree® Technology
Improves Janome Robots