Photovoltaics/Renewable Energy Fluid Dispensing Equipment

Solar Cell Manufacturers Rely on the SmartDispenser® for Repeatable Solder Dispensing

Wind turbine manufacturers rely on the SmartDispenser® to dispense drip free cyanoacrylates in the assembly of high performance capacitors.
Dispensing solder paste is a critical process in a variety of applications used in the assembly of photovoltaic cells and panels. For example, it has replaced the solder-coated copper ribbon technique in the stringing and tabbing solar cell manufacturing step. The effectiveness of the solar cell is dependent upon the precision, repeatability and quality during the dispensing of solder. Global solar cell and panel manufacturers rely on the proven LDS™ (linear drive technology) to achieve the repeatability requirements that are a vital part of their process and quality control. The added ability on the SmartDispenser® to verify this weight via integration with an analytical scale provides the Quality Control Manager the documentation needed to meet certification standards.

Automated photovoltaics liquid dispensers

Advancements in the composition of fluids used in the renewable energy industry have resulted in fluids that are filled, easily compressed and can change in viscosity over a short period of time. Today,  two-component, thixotropic, compressible and  cyanoacrylates fluids are used frequently to assemble wind turbines, solar cells, miniature sensors, capacitors and a variety of other components used for renewable energy products. The precision dispense of these fluids in an AirFree® syringe based system provides for material optimization and ultimately a better performing end product. The SmartDispenser® Process Control operating mode was designed to provide repeatability for the most dynamic of these fluids.

Fishman® takes pride in delivering more than just products for our renewable energy customers.  We deliver the process knowledge, experience and expertise they require to achieve more from their manufacturing operation. Fishman’s Application and Technical Team works with customers all over the world to develop solutions to meet their fluid process challenges. Our Customer Lab is available for fluid testing. Utilizing an analytical scale (see video below), which is easily integrated with a SmartDispenser®, Fishman® application specialists run hundreds of dispense cycles. We then provide standard deviation, mean, repeatability and average deviation from the mean in an Excel format. This spreadsheet will also contain the raw data. Customers can witness the testing first hand or Fishman® will video the entire process and send a copy with the results to them. This service enables our customers to have confidence in the fluid they have chosen and our ability to dispense it repeatedly.

Fishman® applies our world-class service and quality to deliver industry-leading, high performance solutions to the dynamic and ever emerging renewable energy marketplace.