Automotive Fluid Dispensers

The SmartDispenser® Facilitates Adherence to Automotive Supply Chain’s Process Control and Quality Control Standards

As the U.S. automotive manufacturers and their automotive Tier 1 suppliers continue to rebound, they are installing process assembly equipment that can assure them of lower production costs, adherence to strict quality control programs and improved yields.  Increasingly, the SmartDispenser® is the only automotive fluid dispenser that can meet these high standards.  As a fluid assembly process is being designed for manufacturability, automotive OEMs and parts suppliers turn to Fishman® for our expertise in fluid dispensing automotive applications. We have been supplying equipment and application assistance to this market for over 30 years. In their global supply chain, U.S. automotive companies and their parts manufacturers often need to design a fluid assembly process in the U.S. and be assured it is duplicated exactly at facilities around the world, whether it be in Asia, Mexico or Eastern Europe.  Only the AirFree® SmartDispenser® can meet those demands.

Automotive industry fluid dispenser

Additionally, these customers require real time production data with visibility to the factory floor from remote devices, closed loop assembly processes and built in flexibility for future automation.  The SmartDispenser® is able to deliver all of this through a software backbone that also allows these automotive manufacturers to sustain, and even improve upon their Lean, Six Sigma and ISO programs.

As the automotive supply chain utilizes the Fishman® SmartDispenser® for assembly processes, they see the results with:

  • Improved production yields.
  • A cleaner, safer work environment.
  • Ease of validation/certification of equipment.
  • Real time data for quick decision making.
  • Assurance of global processes duplication.
  • Reduced travel time to remote facilities.
  • Higher performing end products.
  • Operator training on demand.