Fishman® Corporation Customer Support

There When You Need Us – On the Dot

Take advantage of SmartDispenser® customer support by connecting with a Fishman® fluid dispensing specialist via phone or email. Our online technical service allows you to download programs to any SmartDispenser® system instantly, no matter where you are. Whether you are dispensing a thin fluid, thick grease, temperamental cyanoacrylates, or specialty UV cure adhesives, we are ready to assist.

SmartDispenser® customer support offers:

  • Fluid testing data to help customers specify the right dispensing system
  • Extensive application lab processes for conducting trial runs using customer-specified fluids to fine-tune settings that can be communicated to dispensing locations around the globe
  • Helpful technical webinars, podcasts and blogs that can provide immediate answers
  • Access to periodic SmartDispenser® newsletters and e-newsletters
  • Webcam connectivity for live troubleshooting with Fishman® engineers