Enterprise-wide Dispensing Solutions

“Smart” AirFree® liquid dispensing technology increases bottom line

In today’s global economy, manufacturing and assembly functions are often carried out in plants and factories across the world; thus, maintaining uniform worldwide standards of quality becomes a particularly difficult mandate. Fishman® has introduced “Smart” AirFree® technology that allows the same fluid dispensing parameters can be set at all your facilities, across the country or around the world, and those parameters will not fluctuate.

Your assembly process will be consistent and cost-effective. Even more importantly, the quality, performance and reliability of your end product will not be compromised. The deployment and monitoring of enterprise-wide standards combined with the ability to control and verify all enterprise-wide manufacturing of a single product class assures every unit is assembled with the identical process, the exact amount of assembly fluid, with documented and visual verification.  Reduction in operational inefficiencies, improved production yields and overall product quality all build the strength of the corporate brand.  The real time communication and data over the cloud saves hundreds of thousands of dollars.