Closed-loop Verification

How do you verify the volume dispensed is the volume you requested?

Each SmartDispenser® is designed to communicate with an A & D Company’s AD4212B Analytical Weighing Sensor. The SmartDispenser® administrator may activate the weighing sensor option in the administration section of the SmartDispenser®. The weighing sensor may be used in line during production or set up as a calibration station in the quality control department.

Before installing a SmartDispenser® perform a capabilities test by dispensing a full syringe reservoir onto the weighing sensor. The weighing sensors automatically records all weight data to a file located on the SmartDispenser’s® hard drive. Download the production report via USB memory stick or local network, import into Excel, calculate the mean and standard deviation. The mean is your Target Weight and the standard deviation, calculated into a percentage, is your +/- tolerance.

Input the Target Weight and tolerance into the SmartDispenser® GUI interface. After each dispense the SmartDispenser® will compare the actual weight dispensed to +/- tolerance and, if out of tolerance, a warning message will appear on screen and need to be cleared before the SmartDispenser® returns to operation. When operating via PLC, a “weight is out of tolerance” signal is sent from the SmartDispenser® or SDIK™ to the PLC, then a signal must be sent from to the PLC to SmartDispenser® or SDIK™ to restart. All weights and weight stoppage are automatically recorded to an Excel .CSV file for post production analysis. Watch video to learn more.

Verification Data Sheet