Liquid Dispense Production Reports

Real-time data over the cloud or USB drive

Measurements in real-time is the number one driver of success and product profitability. Production Managers are provided daily production yields over the cloud via port 80 product LogMeIn, the local internal secure network via Windows RDP or via USB flash drive.  See production problems in local or outlying facilities before they are reported.  For example, a significant drop in daily reported production cycles. Receive daily production start and finish times. Review the last 28 days cycle times for upward or downward trends in production output. Confirm the proper dispense program was used by the operator.  Use the data to confirm investments in production equipment improvements are increasing production cycles as predicted by the break even, cash flow and ROI analysis predicted.

  • Use downward trends to reduce time to discover a problem with production equipment.
  • Use upward or downward trends to provide real time costing changes to finance for instant analysis of impact on product pricing and financial forecasts.

SmartDispenser<sup>®</sup> production reports