Programmable Liquid Dispensing

The Quality or Production Manager has control assuring all SmartDispensers® adhere to the performance specification.

Option 1

Local facility to outlying manufacturing location. Before shipping or installing to the outlying manufacturing facility each SmartDispenser® is programmed, at the local facility, with an Administrator and Supervisor password. The User account, with no password, only allows the remote facility to install and power up the SmartDispenser®.  When powered up the outlying facility notifies the local facility the SmartDispenser® is ready for programming. The local facility connects via the Port 80 product LogMeIn or Windows RDP (Remote Desktop Protocall) if on the same network to program remotely.

Option 2

Drop ship directly from the Fishman® factory to the outlying facility. The Quality Manager may supply the Fishman® factory the passwords to be programmed into your SmartDispenser®.  The Fishman® production team will pre-load the passwords prior to shipping.  The Remote Programming Power Up Guide will be included in the SmartDispenser® shipping to the outlying facility. The remainder of the manuals will be sent to the local facility for remote liquid dispensing programming.

Programmable dispensing