SmartDispenser®Benchtop Fiber Optic Auto Assembly Station


Automate LC, MT or SC Fiber Optic Connector Assembly

A combination of Fishman’s AirFree® Technology, LC/MT/SC Connector Mount (patent pending), Benchtop Robot, Offline Gun Reload Station and Connector SmartAppfills each LC, MT or SC connector perfectly every cycle.

Delivering the Fluid with Exact Repeatability

The SmartDispenser® fluid dispensing system, featuring the AirFree® LDS Dispense Guns, delivers fluid deposits with such a high repeatability each LC, MT or SC connector is filled perfectly every cycle.  Automation of the process standardizes performance work station to work station and facility to facility while eliminating rejects, rework and wasted fluid, thus increasing production yields as well as the bottom-line.  An enterprise-wide solution.

Rapid Syringe Changeover – Only 28 Seconds Production Downtime

The Offline Gun Reload Station (OLGRS), for two component epoxies, allows the AirFree® Linear Drive System (LDS) Dispense Guns, with syringe fluid reservoir, to be loaded while the automation cell is producing fiber optic connectors.

The benefit of the OLGRS AirFree® System is it will reduce production downtime from minutes to 28 seconds when performing a syringe changeover. This innovation is a critical component to allowing the assembly of LC, MT or SC fiber optic connectors to be automated, increasing production throughput while dramatically lowering the cost of typical hand-held benchtop assembly lines.

A single OLGARS AirFree® system can service multiple automation cells. There are two OLGRS options below.

Option 1 – LC, SC, MT SmartApp – Alerts Syringe Nearing Empty – Assures 100% Connector Fill

The Production Manager enters the epoxy cure time into the SmartApp together with the syringe filling time and the number of fiber optic connectors in the connector mount.  The SmartDispenser® uses an algorithm to notify the operator when to start the next syringe filling procedure to assure the syringe is completely filled simultaneous with the epoxy cure time.  An alert is sent to the screen notifying the operator when to start filling syringes.

When the epoxy cure time is complete a signal is sent from the SmartDispenser® to the robot automatically stopping the robot with one exception.  The SmartDispenser® will only send the signal when the connector mount is complete.  The SmartDispenser® knows how many components are in the connector mount and counts them as they are filled.  Once the last connector is filled the signal is sent stopping production at the same time the syringe filling process completes, thereby minimizing downtime due to syringe reservoir change-over from minutes to seconds.

Option 2 – Fluid Level Alarm SmartApp 

The Production Manager performs a time study on how long it takes to fill a syringe reservoir.  Using fluid deposit size and cycle time the Production Manager calculates (cubic centimeters) how much fluid is needed to cover the syringe filling time.  The calculated volume is entered into The Fluid Level Alarm SmartApp.  The Fluid Level Alarm SmartApp allows the SmartDispenser® to monitor the amount of fluid in the syringe reservoir.  Once the fluid level reaches the calculated volume the SmartDispenser alerts the operator to start the syringe filling process via an LED light and screen pop up notification.  This assures that the production robot stops at the same time the syringe filling process completes minimizing downtime due to syringe reservoir changeover to seconds.


Syringe Size3cc5cc10cc30cc
Super Small Dot
Min. Vol. (cc)
Min. Rate
Max Rate
AirFree® Technology
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