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SmartDispenser® Series


What makes it so smart?

Control and monitoring of a consistent repeatable assembly fluid deposit worldwide, resulting in increased bottom line profits through higher productivity, fewer rejects, less fluid waste and lower production costs.

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Set It. Forget It.

Dispense Locally. Repeat Globally.

A SmartDispenser® system can use a single program to dispense assembly fluid to bond a product with no daily adjustments. Set the program and forget about it until quitting time.

Send the program to any other production facility worldwide and  achieve exactly the same result.

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Linear Drive System

Proven Patented Technology

A precision machined lead screw runs through a stepper motor and connects to the syringe piston piston via a luer lock thread.

This patented design has proven to be the most stable drive system for dispensing assembly fluids for the past 12 years.

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“Smart” Technology

Traceability at Point-of-Dispense

System generated reports and visual verification tools confirming all assembly complied to quality management systems are the core principles of AirFree® “Smart” technology.

All production reports are created automatically in an Excel CSV file without human intervention.

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Total Process Control


SmartDispenser® is designed to communicate with an AND Analytical Weighing Sensor.

The weighing sensor may be used during production or setup as a calibration station.

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Be “Smart”. Go Green!

Why is SmartDispenser® green?

SmartDispenser® is the first fluid dispensing system to say “no” to compressed air.

Compressed air is one of the most expensive uses of energy in a manufacturing plant.
University of MN

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Training Operators

Dynamic Multimedia Presentations

Production managers can upload work instructions to all SmartDispensers® globally,  to ease the pain of training new operators.

Managers can create dynamic multimedia training presentations using Word, Excel, video  and audio voice over to accommodate operator learning styles and subject matter.

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Millions in Savings


Increase the Bottom Line

SmartDispenser® allows deployment of a worldwide standard — control and verify all assembly is identical over the cloud.

An investment in “Smart” technology today provides millions in savings over the next decade.

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Technology Advances Fast


Product Life Cycles Shorten

The SmartDispenser® is designed to adapt to the needs of 21st Century manufacturers with custom software applications.  SmartApps™ allow each SmartDispenser® or Integration Kit™ to address product specific assembly requirements.

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Program SmartDispensers®


Locally or Remotely

With any tablet program a bank of SmartDispensers® from anywhere in your facility — anywhere in the world.

Simply login to LogMeIn and remote program, check production data or activate a video feed.

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