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The SmartDispenser® is App ready.

Selling to the manufacturing industries since 1958 has taught us that all manufacturers, regardless of industry, have similar problems. For the past fifteen years, we have been installing AirFree® technology into every major manufacturer. We like to refer to these customers as our “AirFree® Community”. Every day the community recommends improvements to our AirFree® SmartDispenser®.

These improvements once developed are called SmartApps. They are uploaded to the App Store and are available to every SmartDispenser® customer within the community. Customers can choose and install the Apps that improve their process. The Apps focus on reduction of human error, increase security, productivity and new Linear Drive dispense guns.

Reduction of Human Error SmartApps

Fluid Level Alarm SmartApp

Pre-Mixed Timer SmartApp

Two Component Cartridge Timer SmartApp

Fluid Level Alarm PLC SmartApp

Rename Program – Auto Retract SmartApp

Bar Code Scanning – Auto Program Load and Machine Verification SmartApp

Bar Code Scanning – Raw Material Verification SmartApp

Bar Code Scanning – Assembly Fluid Verification Settings SmartApp

Bar Code Scanning – Operator Training Verification SmartApp

LC, MT and SC FO Connector SmartApp
Dispense to Work Order Tracker SmartApp
Work Order Tracker SmartApp

Productivity SmartApps

Contractor SmartApp

Device History Report Update SmartApp

Keyboard SmartApp

Reverse Speed SmartApp

User Program Select SmartApp

Import – Export Step Count SmartApp

Auto Export Device History Record SmartApp

Expand Save Locations SmartApp

Dispense Speed SmartApp

Security Upgrade SmartApps

Operator Name Login SmartApp

Password Automatic Expiration SmartApp

New LDS Dispense Gun SmartApps

3 & 5cc Pencil Gun SmartApp

10cc Pencil Gun SmartApp

30cc Pencil Gun SmartApp

Two Component Cartridge Gun SmartApp