Genius® AirFree® Syringes – For Small Dots, Beads and Potting

Fishman Corporation of Hopkinton, Massachusetts offers a full line of industrial polypropylene syringes. There are three colors and four different sizes. These syringes are used to dispense a wide range of light and viscous fluids. Please read on for more information about these syringes:

About the Fishman Genius® AirFree® Polypropylene Syringes

Fishman Syringe

Fishman Genius® AirFree® Polypropylene Syringes feature zero-draft barrel I.D.s, AirFree® pistons for dispensing light fluids, have a .096” wide dispensing orifice to assure proper fluid flow, and ANSI/HIMA MD70-1-1983 standard luer lock threads. Certified silicone-free, these syringes come in three colors and four sizes for applying small dots, beads, and potting.

Offered in 3 to 30 cc sizes, supplied as complete packages, including barrels, pistons, end-, and tip caps, Fishman Industrial Polypropylene Syringes are available in black for visible curing applications, amber UV block translucent for up to 390 nm, and clear for dispensing a wide range of epoxies, adhesives, glues, and solder paste.

Fishman Genius® AirFree® Polypropylene Syringes are certified for AirFree® dispensing. Literature, price quotations, and samples are available upon request.

Are these syringes exactly what you’re looking for? Do you have questions? Contact usfor more information by either filling out the contact form, or getting in touch using the information, below:

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