The Problem

Compressed air systems are expensive to operate, and the electricity needed to run them greatly damages the environment. Even worse, they keep manufacturers from achieving process control and production standardization. That’s because compressed air is a gas, and as such, it’s unstable and ever-changing, which prevents algorithms from being accurately applied to it. And, without algorithms, it’s impossible to have intelligent controllers for fluid dispensing.


Compressed Air

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Environmentally Harmful
and Expensive

The Solution

AirFree® Technology lets manufacturers break free from their reliance on compressed air systems and regain total control of their processes. Without air, algorithms can be applied, allowing manufacturers to have intelligent controllers that perform precise functions without human input and errors. Moreover, the extraordinary level of algorithmic process control gained makes it possible to duplicate the validation process achieved in one location across production facilities around the world.


Airfree Technology

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Algorithmic Process Control


SmartApps are software applications that allow you to customize your SmartDispenser® to enhance your manufacturing process. They also give your SmartDispenser® new life by giving it new capabilities. Part of the genius of SmartApps is that they help regardless of what you’re manufacturing. The reason for this is manufacturing processes, no matter the industry, share many of the same problems such as process control, human error, rejects, rework, and scrap. SmartApps help solve them all!

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Customize to Your Application

Smart Reporting

Production data is vital to any manufacturing facility; so is having it in reports readily accessible to everyone who needs access to them. Now imagine having the power and intelligence to process multiple algorithms at lightning speed that allow you to track, collect, and report production data without human intervention. You can have that capability with the SmartReporting feature found on SmartDispensers® from Fishman® Corporation.

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Real Time Production Data
Automatically Reports Data without Human Intervention

Smart Recycling

Far too many companies look at technological product advancement as an opportunity to make existing products obsolete, forcing manufacturers to replace them with new systems. SmartDispensers® from Fishman® Corporation are designed to last decades, saving manufacturers hundreds of thousands in equipment costs, while enabling them to profit from always having the latest technology. This is possible thanks to SmartRecycling, a feature that provides free firmware and software upgrades.

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Equipment that Last Decades, Not Years
Free Software Upgrades that Extend Machine Life

Smart Scanning

SmartScanning allows the operator’s bar code scan to become the trigger for the SmartDispenser® to execute various given commands. This capability removes human error from the fluid assembly process, and eliminates the time and cost required to program an expensive PLC to perform such functions. And, it does this while providing real time manufacturing data. The results? Greater profits derived from the efficiency that comes from reducing manufacturing cycle time.

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Eliminate Human Error
Machine Automated Decisions

Smart Networking

The SmartDispenser® Fluid Dispensing System stores data, makes decisions and executes commands. It can also communicate with, and be controlled by a company’s MES system without human intervention, making it 100% error free. All the operator has to do is scan a barcode, which provides the MES system with all the information needed to execute the commands; information in the form of manufacturing data that’s available in real time for management to review.

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MES Communication
Machine to Machine Command and Control

Smart Automation

The AirFree® Linear Drive System with SmartAutomation allows for the application of algorithms to the fluid-dispensing axis. This enables the programming engineer to precisely input numerical data such as volume, speed and reverse motion. When algorithms controlling multiple robot axes are coordinated with the algorithms managing the SmartDispenser,® manufacturers are assured of unprecedented control of fluid deposits and fluid beading.

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Algorithms Applied to Fluid Axis
Algorithmic Process Control Coordinates All Axes

Smart Valve

The AirFree® Linear Drive System provides the highest production throughput in an automated production cell. But in applications that call for large fluid deposits, a valve with a syringe reservoir is not the best way to go. To address this Fishman® redesigned the traditional diaphragm and needle valve, and created the SmartValve. It provides algorithmic process control for continuous flow dispensing applications, which helps resolve two problems common with compressed air diaphragm valves—erratic fluid deposit volumes and post-fluid deposit dripping.

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Algorithmic Process Control
Continuous Flow Fluid Dispensing

Dual Drive

The DualDrive System provides programmable process control for applications requiring two-component fluid dispensing. Designed for any 50ml or 75ml two-component cartridge with 1:1 and 2:1 fluid mix ratios, it replaces unreliable by-eye dispensing with numeric programming for peak precision and repeatability. Add SmartScanning to eliminate operator slip-ups, and verify and document production. Install SmartNetworking to enable the SmartDispenser® to communicate with and be controlled by an MES system without human intervention for 100% error free operation.
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Highest precision and repeatability