Main Concern

Many manufacturers use repeatability of the fluid deposit and price of the system as primary focal points for choosing a fluid dispensing system. The repeatability of the fluid deposit is a valid consideration and the initial price is simply the starting cost of the system. Are there more important considerations?
Repeatability & Price
The First Two Considerations When Purchasing a Fluid Dispensing System

Shouldn't The Focus Be on Profit?

Whether deploying a single system, five systems or twenty systems Fishman's AirFree® technology provides the most profit per year than any similar fluid dispenser. How?
Annual Profitability
The Most Important Consideration When Choosing A Fluid Dispensing System

Profit Center 1 - Process Control

Fishman® specializes in bringing out-of-control processes into control. The two top targeted out-of-control processes are pneumatically driven syringe dispensers and pneumatically driven valves. Fishman's patented SmartDispenser® AirFree® technology uses three steps to stabilize the dispense process.
Three Steps To Process Control
Reduce Your Manufacturing Costs Over 1000 Percent.

Profit Center 2 - Lowest Deployment Costs

One numeric dispense program for global SmartDispensers lowers deployment costs over our competition. Software imaging allows the SmartDispenser® to work right out of the box, eliminating programming time, human programming errors and programming coordination between facilities. Deployment costs are therefore lowered to a minimum.
Software Imaging
Eliminate Human Error from Manufacturing

Profit Center 3 - Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership includes process control, energy costs and maintenance costs for the product’s lifetime.  Committing a new production line to a single air dispenser locks that production line into future unrealized losses with the growth of production, as represented by the shaded area. 
Cost of Ownership
Often Ignored Hidden Cost

Profit Center 4 - Documented Traceability

All Fishman® AirFree® SmartDispenser® products provide documented traceability to the point of dispense. Every 24 hours an Excel CSV file is created, capturing the number of parts made, dispense program used, start times, stop times and date of manufacture. Real-time tracking saves thousands by preventing prolonged problems.
Automatically Emailed Daily
Import to Excel for Instant Analysis

Profit Center 5 - Exact Performance Worldwide

The Linear Drive System assures that every SmartDispenser® installed performs identically, regardless of location. Eliminate the frustration of trying to duplicate performance between facilities. One dispense program worldwide equals huge manufacturing savings.
North America, Europe, Asia
Say Goodbye to Coordination Headaches

Return On Investment

The increased profit generated by the five profit centers not only assures Fishman's AirFree® fluid dispensing system will provide more profit than any competitive air pressure fluid dispenser on the market, but it will also provide the quickest payback period and best return on investment percentage. When making a decision on investing in capital equipment, the most profit, quickest payback and best ROI is the easy choice.
Prices Vs. Return
A Price is Valued by the Return it Provides

The Green Advantage

Air compressors are the most expensive energy consumer in a production facility, as well as a major contributor to greenhouse gasses. Replacing air-driven fluid dispensers with fluid dispensers using AirFree® technology reduces air compressor consumption, which in turn reduces the facilities carbon footprint.
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Do you Know what it costs to run a pneumatic fluid dispense?

Fishman’s Core

Lowering the cost of ownership starts with controlling the process and finishes by eliminating air compressors. Fishman® specializes in bringing out-of-control processes - or processes that can’t be controlled - into control through cutting edge technology.
AirFree® Manufacturing Facility
Committing to an AirFree® Facility = Huge Savings & Reduced Carbon Footprint.