About Fishman® Corporation

On the Forefront of Innovation
for over a Half Century

Philip Fishman® founded The Philip Fishman® Company in 1958 as one of the “original six” distributors for Semco Corporation, a manufacturer of plastic cartridges used for the dispensing of assembly fluids. Assigned the six New England states as a territory, the Fishman® Company opened for business in a small office located in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

In 1976, the company was purchased by the Beebe family, and as part of the transition, the name changed to Philip Fishman® Corporation. In 1979, the new ownership introduced the company’s first manufactured line of benchtop pneumatic dispensers and the associated accessories. Over the ensuing 18 years, the company was successfully redefined from a regional distributor to an international manufacturer of world class liquid dispensing systems. In 1997, the company was transitioned to the second generation of the Beebe family, and as part of the transition, the name changed to Fishman® Corporation.

Four years later, Fishman® Corporation revolutionized liquid dispensing with the introduction of their patented LDS9000® AirFree® dispensing technology. For 35 years, all benchtop systems were powered by unreliable air pressure. By replacing air pressure with the NoFlex™ Linear Drive System, dispensing repeatability from a syringe-style reservoir increased from +/-30% to +/-5%. Because of this next generation of fluid dispensing, thousands of manufacturers have upgraded their technology.

October, 2010 Fishman® Corporation revolutionized liquid dispensing yet again with the release of the SmartDispenser®.  This product release is the first phase in a four phase “Smart Product Program” when complete will provide local and global manufacturers the technology and infrastructure needed to assemble product in the twenty first century.

For over a half century, Fishman® has been a major innovator and producer of high quality, reliable dispense systems for the application of assembly fluids.  Our innovative products, ability to listen and first class service have resulted in customer relationships based on trust and real solutions.