The Advantages of an AirFree® Fluid Dispenser Over Air-Driven Systems

The problems associated with air-driven fluid dispensing systems are well-known, and yet, they continue to be used in manufacturing facilities. Why? Here are 3 important advantages of AirFree® fluid dispensers over air-driven systems:


If one word sums up air-driven fluid dispensing it’s this: erratic. Air pressure is uncontrollable and surges into the syringe and slaps the air piston every time the dispenser cycles, resulting in heated assembly fluid in the syringe that changes its bonding properties. When the properties are altered, it can result in production rejects and defective products. Air-driven fluid dispensing system manufacturers have long been “firefighting” this problem. Instead, we chose to eliminate the root cause entirely. Our AirFree® fluid dispenser creates a more stable production cell with traceability to the point of dispense.

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Air-driven fluid dispensers cause many costly problems. Instead of eliminating the root cause of these problems (air!), the manufacturers continue to create “band-aids” that might appease users in the short term, but aren’t long-term fixes. Of course, the user is responsible for paying for each of these band-aids, in order to improve the performance of their dispenser. Over time, these costs add up! The initial purchase price of the equipment is important to consider, but it’s not the only investment you make. Using an AirFree® fluid dispenser, there is no need to purchase additional band-aids throughout the lifetime of the system. Scrap and rework is eliminated, there is no need for extra personnel to adjust time and pressure, and energy is saved, reducing the total cost of ownership.

It’s “green”

Compressed air is one of the most expensive uses of energy in a manufacturing plant and produce greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming. The SmartDispenser® AirFree® fluid dispenser eliminates expensive, compressed air from the fluid dispensing process. Most manufacturers have hundreds of air-driven dispensers in their facilities. Replacing them with an AirFree® alternative can make a big difference in the drive to reduce harmful greenhouse gasses.

When purchasing a fluid dispensing system, the initial unit price is far from the only item to consider. When making such an investment, it’s important to consider all factors involved. An AirFree® fluid dispenser is more reliable, cost efficient, and “green” than air-driven fluid dispensers. The choice should be obvious.

About the Author

Cheryl Beebe

Cheryl graduated from Providence College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. She has worked in the accounting and finance field for 20+ years in Real Estate/Construction, Asset Management, Telecommunication, Information Technology/Software, non-profit, Diamond Industry, and Manufacturing. Cheryl is currently the Chief Financial Officer at Fishman Corporation, a manufacturing corporation based in Hopkinton, MA.

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