AirFree® Dispensing Technology

SmartDispenser® not just a catchy name,
it’s actually Smart!

The SmartDispenser® knows the syringe size, the volume, the needed drawback and speed required. It uses the information to calculate forward steps, reverse steps and voltage for an accurate and highly repeatable stroke length.

Adversely, pneumatic syringe and valve systems are brainless. They have no idea what syringe is being used, no idea what volume or speed is required. Without information it is virtually impossible to achieve accuracy or repeatability.

The SmartDispenser® universal power supply and electrical design assure that every SmartDispenser® automated dispensing system is powered exactly the same worldwide regardless of location. Therefore, one dispense program can be used worldwide for a given assembly process.

Adversely, compressors vary in power, capacity and plumbing from one production facility to the next.  It is impossible to use the same dispense program on an air pressure syringe or valve system in a production line so having one dispense program worldwide is simply out of the question!