AirFree® Fluid
Dispensing Technology


Stable Drive System

  • Precision machined
  • No flexing
  • All parts are connected
  • Forward and reverse motion
  • Increased process control

Quantified Program Inputs

  • Syringe size in cubic centimeters.
  • Fluid deposit in cubic centimeters.
  • Dispenser rate in cubic centimeters per second.
  • Reverse motion snuff back in number of steps.
  • Quantification allows exact duplication on all systems.

Control Center

  • Advanced algorithms control drive system motor with precision placement.
  • Controlled power assuring every drive system moves the same distance with the same power for every fluid deposit.
  • Exact performance on all systems.


  • Automatic reduction of stroke length as the syringe empties, keeping the fluid deposit within specification.

Global Standardization

  • The only fluid dispensing
    system capable of using one
    dispense program and
    producing identical results
    regardless of global location.