Electronics Fluid Dispensing Equipment

SmartDispenser® Increases Throughput and First-pass Yield

AirFree® Volumetric Dispensing As the assembly of electronics adapts to the miniaturization of components, OEM and EMS factories have an ever increasing need to dispense microdot, accurate and repeatable amounts of adhesives, two part epoxies, RTV and solder. The SmartDispenser® volumetric linear drive technology allows operator, controlled bench top fluid dispensing and automated dispensing equipment to continually produce quality product. There is no need to shut down for random sample fluid checks or manual machine adjustments. This results in increased throughput and first-pass yields. Fluid usage is optimized, labor costs are reduced and scrap is eliminated.

Once a program is set on the SmartDispenser® with the required volume, rate and syringe size, end users are assured of the proper dispense amount, no manual intervention is needed. It is true volumetric fluid dispensing. Automatically generated production data and remote monitoring in real time, give Supervisors quick access and visibility to the factory floor. Managers have the same visibility to global production operations in Asia, Mexico or Europe.

Electronics industry liquid dispensing system

Additionally, many fluids used in the assembly of electronics and LEDs change in viscosity as the syringe empties.  The Process Control²® mode on the SmartDispenser® is then set up to compensate for these changes;  as the syringe empties, the amount of vacuum automatically changes by an advance algorithm, resulting in a dot size remaining the same size and producing repeatability up to +/- 2% from one dispense to the next.  LED manufacturers require the solder dispenses to be accurate and consistent; part to part, shift to shift, factory to factory. If not, a potentially $30 LED assembly is scrapped or has to be reworked. Time and again, these end users come to Fishman® for a solution. The SmartDispenser® has proven to be the liquid dispenser of choice for the LED market.


photo credit http://www.european-circuits.co.uk/