SmartDispenser® Tech Service

Tech Service at the point of dispense

The SmartDispenser® brings technical service to a new level: instant problem solving, reducing down time to hours, minutes and maybe even seconds. The SmartDispenser® comes with a Tech Service icon on the home screen, which instantly sends an email to the Fishman® Tech Service team. Tech service at the point of dispense eliminates the need to send equipment back or wait for a technician to arrive because support happens within the hour.

One push of the Tech Service icon sends an access code, via instant email message, to a live technician, who will connect to the SmartDispenser® using LogMeIn’s Rescue program. Instant messaging is how the technician communicates directly, with the user requesting service via the SmartDispenser®. The Technician has access to all reports, logs and has remote control of the system to fix any problems.

The Fishman® technician opens the tech service console below.

The Fishman® technician can do a quick review of the operating system.

The Fishman® technician can review production reports.

Fishman® can help train operators if operator performance is an issue.

Fishman® technician can review backend settings its set properly.