Genius® AirFree® Syringes

General Purpose

Clear polymer syringe barrels are manufactured to precise tolerances and certified for industrial use. They are ideal for all assembly fluids, except light-sensitive fluids.

Light Sensitive

Light-sensitive syringe barrels protect light sensitive fluids to prevent premature curing in the syringe.

UV Block

Amber syringe barrels block UV and visible light wavelengths between 240-550 nm, while allowing fluid level to be monitored.

Light Block

Opaque black syringe barrels provide complete protection for light-sensitive fluids.


Clear polymer syringe barrels are manufactured from a proprietary plastic that prevents the cyanoacrylate from bonding the syringe piston to the syringe barrel and the syringe tip cap to the syringe luer. They are ideal for any cyanoacrylate fluids.

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