Genius® Lead Screw Protector


The Genius® Lead Screw Protector is designed to add an extra layer of protection for the lead screw and stepper motor against dust and contaminants commonly found in manufacturing facilities.

The piston comes together in two halves and locking ring, creating one complete piston stabilizer (see diagram) that secures the Lead Screw Protector in place.

Watch the video to learn more.

Lead Screw Protector Data Sheet


Lead Screw Protector Kit5cc10cc30cc
Part NumbersDK20041DK30041DK40041
Replacement Parts Boxed5cc10cc30cc
Piston StabilizerY010101Y020101Y030101
Lead Screw ProtectorZMI0A00ZMI0A00ZMI0A00
Replacement Parts Bulk5cc10cc30cc
Lead Screw ProtectorZPI0400ZPI0400ZPI0400