Automatic Liquid Dispensing Systems

Fishman® Corp specializes in the design and manufacture of precision automatic Dispensing Systems. Our automated liquid Dispensers offer advanced automation control through visual verification, real-time reporting at the point-of-dispense.

We have just launched our SmartDispenser® Dispensing Series, the world’s first intelligent automatic fluid dispensing machines. The SmartDispenser® dispensing system combines Fishman’s AirFree® technology with a Windows® 7 operating system and a platform for downloadable software, service and training Apps.

Our automatic liquid dispensing equipment is ideally suited for dispensing applications in the electronics, medical device, automotive, telecommunications and defense industries as well as for other general manufacturing processes.

The SmartDispenser® automated Dispenser utilizes Fishman’s proven AirFree® technology.  It offers accurate and repeatable liquid displacement without the headaches associated with pneumatic systems requiring trial and error adjustments of knobs and dials.  The SmartDispenser® removes unreliable moisture-filled air from the dispensing process by replacing air pressure with a precision stepper motor and lead screw.  Unlike competitive products there is no need to flush chambers or valves.  Formulations stay untouched in safe, silicone-free polypropylene barrel reservoirs.  The SmartDispenser’s® intelligent automatic dispensing system easily recognizes the barrel size, volume and the dispense rate to perform accurate, repeatable dispensing parameters unlike current air systems.

Fishman® offers expert solutions for automated fluid dispensing with AirFree® technology! If you are looking for precision automatic dispensing equipment, the SmartDispenser® Oil Dispenser is available now. To learn more, please browse our site or fill in the form for more information.