Documented Traceability

Liquid dispensing Quality management uses quality assurance and control of processes as well as products to achieve more consistent quality.

SmartDispenser® air free technology is designed to provide solutions supporting today’s quality management systems, such as ISO 9000.  Below are steps to implementing the SmartDispenser® product to support quality processes.

  • Master Capabilities Report
    • Master Capabilities Report is created by a closed-loop study and used to generate the Program Specification.
  • Dispense Program Specification
    • Program Specification contains the dispense program, syringe size, dispense tip plus other instructions for the SmartDispenser® operator.  The Program Specification is distributed to every operator worldwide for a specific product assembly.  The specification can be stored on the SmartDispenser® for on screen viewing at the touch of an icon.
  • Work instructions
    • Work instructions provide step by step instructions on how to deliver the assembly fluid to properly bond the product.  Customized audio links can be heard using any Bluetooth headset providing further detail while view the work instruction on screen.
  • Security Preventing Unauthorized Changes
    • Three levels of security – Supervisor, Administrator and User – are available.  Program locally or program remotely over the cloud.
  • Master Programmer
    • One individual, such as the quality manager, is assigned as the master programmer. All programs and all program changes are controlled by this one individual.
  • Real-time Data Reports
    • Document verifying key data from the point of dispense. The program used for each dispense is one of many data points automatically documented by the SmartDispenser® allowing verification the Program Specification was 100% complied with.
  • Visual Verification
    • Visual verification from the point of dispense via a live video feed to any laptop, desktop or smart phone. Verify syringe and dispense tips comply 100% with the Product Specification.
  • Closed-loop Feedback
    • Install an AD4212B Analytical Weighting Sensor in the production cell, initiate the scale function and receive verification the proper amount of fluid was dispensed.
  • Calibration
    • Calibration Station installed in quality control lab. Each installed SmartDispenser® manufacturing products is put on a calibration cycle. Every calibration is compared to the Master Capabilities Report for a pass fail.

Total process control, documentation of process and verification of process are the core quality management principles of SmartDispenser® air free fluid dispense technology.