Push-To-Connect Gun Mount


Reduces Empty Syringe Change Over to Seconds


Simply remove the LDS Gun with the empty syringe and replace it with a second LDS Gun with a full syringe.

Gun Mount Data Sheet


Dot Size0.25
Cycle Time seconds15
Shift Length8
Production days260
Production Hours2080
Hourly Labor Rate with Health Insurance19.28


Annual Syringe Change Cost
Syringe Size – Cubic Centimeters351030
 Number of Fluid Deposits per Syringe122040120
 Time to Empty a Full Syringe in Minutes351030
 Number of Syringe Change Overs per Year41,60024,96012,4804,160
 Time to Change Syringe Over in Seconds5555
Total Annual Cost of Syringe Changeover$1,114$668$334$111