Liquid Dispenser Features

Three liquid dispensing features providing maximum  flexibility.

Back-off (or vacuum) Ratio Mode

Only available in Traditional LDS9000® Mode, the relationship between dispense volume and vacuum remains constant when dispense volume is changed. The result: changing dispense volume with the same fluid and same syringe size does not require a secondary adjustment to vacuum.

Firmware behind Back-off Ratio Mode: When you activate Back-off Ratio Mode the firmware determines the ratio, or percentage, between forward steps (dispense volume) and reverse steps (vacuum).  When forward steps in your fluid dispense program are changed, the reverse steps will automatically adjust to the forwards steps keeping the initial percentage ratio constant.

Primary Difference: The primary difference between Traditional LDS9000® and Traditional LDS9000® with back-off ratio is the amount of vacuum will change automatically when dispense volume changes.

How it works: Activate back-off ratio, set your program, save your program and dispense.

When to use: When +/-5% repeatability, or greater, is required from one fluid deposit to the next and multiple dispense volumes are used for the same fluid and same size syringe.

Liquid dispensing back-off ratio mode

Back-off (or vacuum) Delay Mode

Back-off Delay Mode is an option available in Traditional LDS9000® Mode and ProcessControl2™ Mode. This feature is designed for RTV silicone and allows this very compressible and difficult fluid to be dispensed with a much higher repeatability, from one dispense to the next, than pneumatic dispense systems can deliver.

RTV silicone entraps large amounts of air pockets making the fluid very compressible. Centrifuging or degassing the silicone will not improve this condition. The result of the entrapped air is an extremely long stroke length, forward steps plus reverse steps, whereas short stroke lengths provide the best performance.

By activating Back-off Delay Mode the additional time between forward and reverse motion drastically reduces stroke length by allowing the fluid to flow, for the added seconds, reducing internal syringe pressure.

Firmware behind Back-off Delay Mode: The firmware applies a delay (in seconds) between forward motion (or fluid volume) and reverse motion (or vacuum) allowing fluid to flow freely and syringe pressure to drop before reverse motion starts.

How it works: Activate back-off ratio, set your program, save your program and dispense.

When to use: When repeatability of up to +/-2% is required from one fluid deposit to the next with an RTV Silicone or similar air entrapping fluid.

Liquid dispensing back-off delay mode

Liquid dispensing sliding torque adjustment

Sliding Torque Adjustment:

The torque slider increases and decreases the amount of force the SmartDispenser® applies to the fluid in the syringe. This improvement has given a broader range of torque for two component applications.

Firmware behind Sliding Torque Adjustment: As the torque is increased the firmware increases voltage sent to drive the motor which increases motor linear force. As the torque is decreased the firmware decreases voltage sent to drive the motor which decreases linear force.

How it works: This is a factory-only adjustment.  To change simply plug the unit into an Ethernet cable. It’s just like plugging your laptop into the local server. The server will recognize the system as another workstation. Press the Tech Service button on the Home Menu. A Fishman® Tech Service person will log on and adjust the torque for you. The whole process takes just a few minutes.

When to use: If it appears the fluid you are dispensing may be reaching or bypassing the current torque setting on the SmartDispenser®.