Two Component Fluid Dispenser

Programmable process control for two
component cartridge systems.



AirFree® component (2K) mixing technology that uses any 50ml or 75ml two component cartridge system provides programmable process control replacing hand-operated “by eye” fluid dispensing. For use with 1:1 and 2:1 mix ratios fluid deposits are delivered with the highest precision and repeatability available for two component cartridge systems. The SmartDispenser® Two Component Fluid Dispenser provides the most profit in a 12 month period than any competitive two component mixer by increasing throughput, eliminating scrap, eliminating rework and increasing overall efficiency.


Device History Record – Bar Code Scanning

The SmartDispenser® is the smartest fluid dispensing platform available. The system automatically records the number of parts made per day, the dispense program used during production, and start and stop times. These key metrics are available for the previous day’s production in an Excel CSV format accessed via the home screen menu.

The SmartDispenser® is the most flexible fluid dispensing platform available, offering a suite of add-on customizable Apps, allowing for the addition of a bar code scanner. The Apps interact with a pre-loaded database thus reducing human input down to a simple bar code scan. The operator scans and the SmartDispenser® does the rest.

  • Adhesive verification.
  • Automatic dispense program loading.
  • Operator training verification.
  • Finished part raw material verification, and many more.

Two Component Cartridge System Data Sheet