Aerospace/Defense Industry Dispense Systems

The AirFree® SmartDispenser® provides increased quality traceability

The aerospace/defense industry is heavily influenced by the economy, politics, government regulations and consumer confidence. As aerospace/defense companies outsource more of their manufacturing, the need for real-time visibility, agility and accuracy are of paramount importance in dealing with demand fluctuations, supply chain disruptions and the expectations of well-informed customers. The value is getting the right decisions on short notice in order to coordinate a complex range of activities among a multitude of partners. This has a direct influence on productivity, profitability and the ability to stay competitive.

Aerospace/defense manufacturers are being mandated to streamline manufacturing processes, reduce inventory costs, eliminate stock outs and provide a software backbone that allows manufacturers to sustain their Lean, Six Sigma and ISO programs.

Aerospace and defense industry dispense equipment

The AirFree® SmartDispenser®  provides the Aerospace/Defense industry  increased quality traceability.

  • Master Capabilities Report is created by a closed-loop study and used to generate the program specification. The program specification contains the dispense program, syringe size anddispense tip.
  • Master Programmer Code is assigned to one individual, such as the quality manager.  All programs and all program changes are controlled by this one person.
  • Product Reports are automatically generated by each SmartDispenser® for instant analysis.  One SmartDispenser® speaks for the entire automation cell.
  • Visual Verification from the point of dispense via a video feed to any laptop, desktop or smart phone. Verify syringe and dispense tips comply with product specification.
  • Calibration Station installed in quality control lab. Each production SmartDispenser® is put on a calibration cycle. Every calibration is compared to the Master Capabilities Report for a pass fail.