Fishman® Corporation White Papers

Fluid Dispensing Solutions

There are many factors to consider when it comes to purchasing the right fluid dispensing solution for your plant. It’s necessary to choose a system that will keep the fluid dispensing process in control, deliver consistent repeatability, and provide you with a significant return on investment.

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NoFlexTM Linear Drive Technology

In dispensing adhesives and solder paste for medical device and electronics assembly, all types of dispensers have traditionally relied on pneumatics to “push” the material out of the barrel reservoir. Unfortunately, problems inherent with this type of dispensing, such as inconsistent dots due to variations in air pressure, changes in viscosity due to build-up, and, in the case of solder paste, separation of the paste and flux due to pneumatic exertions.

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How To Dispense Solder Paste

While the limitations of pneumatics in dispensing solder paste are well understood, higher board densities and smaller dot sizes are also challenging the performance abilities of more advanced types of dispensers, such as auger valves. AirFree® Linear Drive technology offers promising benefits, including significant savings in material cost and high repeatability without concern for viscosity and the volume of paste remaining in the syringe.

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How to Dispense Cyanoacrylates

The advantages of using cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesives in bonding materials are well recognized, “super glues” having been in use for almost 50 years. The high bond strength of CAs and the rapid cure rate of the material without the need for heat, light, or catalysts have led to their widespread use in industry

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How to Dispense Solder Paste

The Linear Drive System (LDS) dispenser differs from all other types of pumps in both design and functionality. What this means is that instead of pneumatics, or an auger, the LDS employs a linear actuator that controls the rotation of a lead screw and, hence, the linear movement of the piston in the syringe.

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Solve Process Control Problems

Do your results vary, even slightly, during a dispensing process? Are you getting the consistent performance you need from one system to the next?

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